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Courageous Spirits

Courageous Spirits: From Southern Vernacular to Contemporary Self-Taught at Christie’s

The yellow sky of Jimmy Lee Sudduth’s The White House emitted a particularly charged glow from the screen of a Christie’s gallery this past Friday, where the painting sold for $12,500 the same morning that a new administration assumed office. Sudduth’s mud-and-paint tableau — which depicts the American landmark framed by minimal landscaping, a fauvist […]

James Castle at Measurably Long Kool

Measurably Long Kool at Fleisher/Ollman

Since its opening in 1952 (as Janet Fleisher Gallery), Fleisher/Ollman Gallery in Philadelphia has done a great deal to propel the field of self-taught art into the mainstream. From early representation of Henry Darger and James Castle to their current, consistently cohesive representation of both traditionally trained and outsider artists – often exhibited together inclusively […]

Tammys, Self-Taught Artist

Expressively Inspired: The Desire to Create for Two Self-Taught Artists

Vincent Van Gogh was inspired by the light of Arles, France. He, a self-taught artist himself, was also seduced by the effect of complementary colors and was drawn to using them in ways that had not been done before. His inspiration to create became an obsessive passion that haunted him and ultimately led to his […]