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The Many Terms in Our Continuum: ‘Outsider Art’

As Priscilla Frank and Kevin Sampson aptly point out, the term ‘Outsider Artist’ is offensive to some subgroups of artists within the art world that has manifested itself outside of the establishment. While we at Brut Force have tried to remain term agnostic, siding with the way the artist prefers to describe his or her […]

Tammys, Self-Taught Artist

Expressively Inspired: The Desire to Create for Two Self-Taught Artists

Vincent Van Gogh was inspired by the light of Arles, France. He, a self-taught artist himself, was also seduced by the effect of complementary colors and was drawn to using them in ways that had not been done before. His inspiration to create became an obsessive passion that haunted him and ultimately led to his […]

Norbert Kox REvelation and the Perfect Plague

Apocalyptic Surrealism and Selected Works of Norbert H. Kox

I am a visionary artist working in the category of Apocalyptic Surrealism. The works reveal things not only to my viewers but also to me. My art has taken me on a forty-year journey of self awareness and spiritual growth. I’ve been painting since 1963, when I taught myself to use oils. Today much of […]


Artist Perspective: Brian Petro

The following excerpt is from an interview with Brian Petro. Brian is a self-taught artist that lives and creates works in Washington D.C. To arrange a tour of his Washington D.C. studio, 1829 14th Street, NW, please contact Brian directly at (202) 270-7352 or email him at I began creating art in the evenings […]