William Newhart

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Wisdom Beyond Words: The Art of Sylvia Fragoso

As a kid from a suburb of San Francisco I never had a reason to take the train to Richmond. The farthest north I had ever ventured on public transit was downtown Berkeley for a field trip. Richmond was just a place my family drove by on the way to Point Reyes. The media derided […]

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A Man of Many Monsters

It was clear that I was not the first person to ask Jon Fukui for an interview. After being introduced, he agreed to our sit-down with the aplomb of an A-list celebrity being asked for a selfie. As I unpacked my recorder and notebook, Fukui eyed me in silence, his fingers clasped loosely in his […]

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A Humble Quest for Greatness

The first time I saw Markell Mitchell I walked right past him. My arrival at the Southside Art Center coincided with a birthday celebration for one of the artists, and amidst the music and revelry I failed to notice the stoic Markell sitting reverently across the room. It was not until John Cameron, the program […]

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Here to Paint

Maria Bustillos is a sweet little old lady with a penchant for cleanliness and an eye for turning order into art. “If I leave [the stool] over there, the following day it is going to be really dirty. So that’s why I come and hide it over here. I want to see everything nice and […]