Tom Patterson

Reviving Pasaquan: Freshly Restored, an Otherworldly Retreat in the Southern Backwoods

Saint EOM was a self-proclaimed psychic who told fortunes for a living. But when it came to the future of Pasaquan, his flamboyantly sculpted, rainbow-hued compound in rural Georgia, his predictions depended on his mood. On some occasions he confidently declared the place would one day become a spiritual center, attracting followers of the new […]

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Outsider No Longer: Counting the Days with George Widener

Boy Wonder George Widener’s art is as puzzling as it is visually compelling. On first impression his drawings resemble intricate, hand-rendered charts or plans for the design of aircrafts, oceangoing vessels, or vast urban districts. Closer inspection of this idiosyncratic body of work reveals multilayered complexities and deeper mysteries. His drawings, originally a private endeavor, […]


Lonnie Holley’s Object Lessons

A brilliantly resourceful artist’s timely exhibition at Charleston, South Carolina’s Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art is the latest development in a remarkable career Like most solo exhibitions by widely known contemporary artists, Lonnie Holley’s “Something to Take My Place” was scheduled more than two years before it opened. But its timing and location turned out […]