Sophia Cosmadopoulos

unnamed-4 cover

Church of Ballpoint: The Drawings of Beverly Baker

Beverly Baker pockets pens wherever she goes. An opportunist at heart, trips to grocery stores, libraries, banks and post offices are all chances to build upon her extensive collection. A mundane and readily available tool, the pen perfectly accommodates her constant and prolific art practice. From an early age, Baker displayed a determined desire to […]

Corey Scarboro, "Untitled", Ink on Paper, 22" x 30", 2014

10 Years in 1 Day on October 9

LAND Gallery at Christian Berst Art Brut When visiting LAND Gallery in DUMBO Brooklyn, you will invariably be greeted at the door by artist Michael Pellew who will say, “Hello, we are LAND. We are artists with developmental disabilities. I am Michael Jackson’s best friend. What is your favorite heavy metal band?” Now in its […]

Myasia Dowdell, Assorted Surprises 2, 2014, Watercolor on Paper cover

Lessons in Anatomy: The Art of Myasia Dowdell

Diagnosed on the autism spectrum at an early age, Myasia Dowdell sees the world through a Technicolor, dreamlike lens. Soft spoken and extremely timid, she rarely offers a glimpse of this world, except through her art. Born in 1989 in New York City, Dowdell had difficulty communicating and socializing with other children, a common symptom […]

GG, Spookarama with Lauryl and Hardy Up There, 2015, Mixed Media on Paper, 22-x30- cover

Musings on Spook-a-Rama: Garrol Gayden and Coney Island

Coney Island, often considered one of the lasting remnants of “Old New York,” is a seaside amusement park celebrated for its playful, homespun, dilapidated, and almost spooky charm. After World War II, the park’s popularity declined and it suffered from years of neglect. Over time “outsiders” flocked to the park to celebrate otherness and differences […]

Susan Brown, Her Mother, Mixed Media on Canvas, 36-x36- cover

A Love Letter to Her Mother? Inside Susan Brown’s Artistic Experience

Every Thursday for the past thirteen years, Susan Brown has awakened to a 5 a.m. alarm. She scrambles out of bed, eats breakfast and dresses. Packing two bags with blank pieces of cardboard she has collected, together with her recently finished paintings, she makes her way on bicycle or foot to the Long Island Railroad […]

ric Sadowsky, Popsicles, Ink on Paper, 19-x24-, 2014 cover

A Life Spent Organizing: The Art Of Eric Sadowsky

When Eric Sadowsky sits at his drawing table, he can often be heard repeating the phrase “Eric Curran Sadowsky is doing a great job drawing, he is doing an excellent job working.” Remaining quietly concentrated on his art for extended periods, Sadowsky may interject with another one of his sayings, “When Sadowsky is done with […]

Daniel-Green-Devo_StarTrek cover

Drawings and Text In and Out of Context

The Swiss psychotherapist Carl Jung once wrote that “loneliness does not come from having no people around you, but from being unable to communicate the things that seem important to you.” The artist Daniel Green is a man of very few words, but he has found his voice through his artwork. His drawings represent a […]


A Brief History of Parked Cars with Visual Thinker Chase Ferguson

Imagine a world where a specific object such as a street sign or a particular model of car lit up in your brain and essentially sparkled as you passed it. A journey to a coffee shop is marked by one monumental fire hydrant after another, or by elm tree to elm tree. To contemplate this […]


Life’s a Bunch of Carrots: The Life and Habits of Evelyn Reyes

If you wish to visit Evelyn Reyes at Creativity Explored, an art studio and exhibition space in San Francisco for adults with developmental disabilities, the specific day you attend will determine where the artist will be in her creative routine. If you enter the studio on a Monday, you will almost certainly find her sitting […]