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I am Joe's Fear of DiseaseI Am Joe's Fear of Disease

Joe Coleman: Illuminating Icons Dark and Bright

While surrounded by his art, Joe Coleman describes it as totems of the human experience, in all its primal glory and horror. There are emblems of love and devotion, of loss and remembrance, along with a portrait of a young murderer, wax replicas of bloodied severed heads, and jars of organs and tumors. “(It’s about) […]

Darger Cover

The Outsider on the Inside

Sometimes, it takes an outsider to get the inside scoop. Andrew Edlin, the director of the Outsider Art Fair and a gallery in Chelsea (moving to a location on the Bowery in the fall), began his career in the art world as much on the fringes as the artists he represents. “I didn’t come into […]


Art in the Performance: When the Curtain Never Comes Down

The term “outsider art” can call to mind an isolated creator, apart from society and following an impulse that is personal, a reward unto itself. But that idea ignores a central tenet of art, which is to communicate. In When the Curtain Never Comes Down, the latest exhibition at the American Folk Art Museum, curator […]


The Interdisciplinary Art of Paul Laffoley

Over the course of an hour spent with Paul Laffoley, the conversation may turn to Einstein, space voyages, chakras, living architecture, Pythagoras, levitation, Leonardo Da Vinci, and time travel. And his paintings show it. “Paul is the only person I know who can extrapolate out of math, science, engineering, chemistry, philosophy, and literature and synthesize […]

Bx. Doc. Art Project-I.Merritt(Photographer) Paula Nadelstern(ar

There Are Many Sides to the Story of Paula Nadelstern

Nadelstern spent her first fifteen years as an artist working at her kitchen table. As a quilter, she drew on a centuries-old tradition of women creating one fabric square at a time, using whatever space and free moments and materials they had to practice their craft, whose main purpose was to keep their family warm. […]


2015 Outsider Art Fair NYC

If there was one constant at the Outsider Art Fair this past weekend, it would be individuality: behind each work was a personal tale to tell, and it was inextricable from the art. There were wire sculptures dangling from the ceiling and tiny people painted on matchsticks you needed a magnifying glass to see. There […]