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Brut Force’s 6 for 16: Top Stories of Self-Taught and Outsider Art 2016

For many people, 2016 was a year of tumultuous and often disappointing surprises. Self-taught and outsider art often found itself as a contrarian to this trend. 2016 brought some major spotlights, notable developments, and significant losses. Below are our picks for top 6 self-taught and outsider art stories of 2016. 1) A Record Setting Christie’s […]


Artist Inclusion through Creative Art Centers

Outsider art, since its conception by Jean Dubuffet and Roger Cardinal, has had a complicated relationship with the many disparate and marginalized communities that it has come to represent. The developmentally disabled community is no exception tothis limitation. While the recognition of work by artists of different abilities is important, the other-ing of any artist […]

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The Many Terms in Our Continuum: ‘Outsider Art’

As Priscilla Frank and Kevin Sampson aptly point out, the term ‘Outsider Artist’ is offensive to some subgroups of artists within the art world that has manifested itself outside of the establishment. While we at Brut Force have tried to remain term agnostic, siding with the way the artist prefers to describe his or her […]

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The Tradition Continues at the Slotin Folk Art Auction

The Slotin Folk Art Auction, a semi-annual brick and click art auction hosted at the historic Buford Hall in the Atlanta suburbs, took place this past weekend, April 30-May 1. During the auction an estimated 70 lots moved per hour with a total of 1148 lots in the auction. The fair has been a linchpin […]