Lauren Sarazen

Leonard.combier.passport.4 cover

Labyrinthine Illustration: Exploring Léonard Combier’s Dynamic Worlds

Ignoring society’s hunger for hidden meanings in works of art, Léonard Combier creates pieces that celebrate humor and spontaneity. His highly detailed pieces incorporate labyrinthine graphics, sexual imagery, and irreverent quotes to create an imaginative world saturated with playfully dark humor. These chaotic landscapes of tribal patterns, absurd characters, and high-contrast colors beckon the viewer […]

LEYD 55X72,6 cm cover

Examining l’Art Brut: Outsider Art Fair, Paris 2015

“I’m not an artist.” We’ve certainly all heard these words, a plaintive excuse. But can we ever really draw the line between what is art and what is not? The question of whether formal training gives you a leg up in credibility is raised. The Outsider Art Fair argues the contrary. Founded in New York […]