Drew Grossman

Adventure Timecover, Hoang Tran

Wax On. Wax Off. The Carvings of Hoang Tran

“I liked art in elementary school. But as you progress in grades, art becomes less and less important.” That’s Hoang Tran. He’s a self-taught, professional artist known for the wax sculptures he carves on the tip of Crayola crayons. If you look through his Etsy store, called Wax Nostalgic, you’ll see sculptures he’s done of […]

The YoYo King cover

Shane van Pelt’s Work Life Balance

On a fall night in 1997, a 23-year old painter named Shane van Pelt was having the biggest art show of his young career. The show was at the Gallery @ 678 Broadway in Manhattan. It was a long, wide-open space with wood floors. Van Pelt was fielding questions about his work from New York’s […]

honest (1) cover

A Journey To Live Among Art

JJ Cromer became an artist for practical purposes. He was 31 years old, he’d just gotten married, and his walls were bare. It was 1998 and Cromer had been married to Mary Varson for two weeks. He’d met her at the library on the campus of Clinch Valley College where they both worked in Wise, […]


The Hahn Collection and Self-Taught Art at the High Museum

After only four years as a painter, Georgian artist Mattie Lou O’Kelley sold a piece called “Spring Vegetable Scene” to the High Museum of Art in Atlanta. It was 1975, and O’Kelley was 64. Before becoming a professional artist, she had been a farmer, seamstress, cook, waitress, and millworker. With a ninth grade education and […]