Catherine Rolfe

Tony - Bag Lady (1)

Wonder and Impact: Art in the DC Beltline

After seeing a segment on the news about how the hunched posture associated with cellphone use can cause lasting damage to the spine, Toni Lane started painting. “Everyone’s on cellphones,” Toni says. “You go to restaurants and you see people at the table and nobody’s paying attention to anybody, so I want to do something […]

Shawn - Jill and Beanstalk cover image

The Shoes that Make the Painting

Shawn Payne is quiet, but you’d never know it from his art. Throughout the studio at Art Enables in Washington, DC, Shawn’s pieces are instantly recognizable for their color, embellishments, and subject matter: designer shoes. When I arrived, Shawn was working on a drawing for the upcoming Art Enables show on Valentine’s Day. In the […]