Bret McCabe

Wendy Brackman, "Brackman's Botanical Bonanza," Hand painted paper plates, straws, Ping-Pong balls, paper towel tubes, endless staples. Photo credit Jill Ribich. Part of Yummm! at AVAM.

YUMMM! Visions of Food at AVAM

Ruby C. Williams sells produce at a stand along Florida’s State Road 60, which runs east-west through the Sunshine State from Clearwater Beach on the Gulf of Mexico, through Tampa, and on to Vero Beach on the Atlantic Coast. She hand-paints signs to entice passing motorists to stop, and her advertisements are rendered in bright […]

sesow_choice300dpi (1)

The Art of Shock and Awe

Matt Sesow’s painting “A Choice” (2016) is a total immersion into his creative world. It’s a large-scale painting dominated by hot hues—a bright red, an electric blue, a simmering yellow—depicting a young man in a bed with a woman standing over him. His right arm glows with a healthy pinkish shine; his left arm is […]

Josephson-Erzulie Kouvez

Hope for the Best

AVAM’s new exhibition spotlights the defiant tenacity in the human desire to connect Herman Wallace’s dream house is a two-story, wooden A-frame wonder. It has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a hobby room because he likes to build things, a wraparound porch, and a swimming pool in the backyard. He thinks the kitchen pantry should be […]

AVAM Plaza

American Visionary Art Museum Profile with Rebecca Hoffberger

Rebecca Hoffberger, the founding director of the American Visionary Art Museum, confesses that she isn’t all that interested in art. At least, she’s not interested in art as it is conventionally discussed as a commodity, an artifact to covet by collectors who follow the art market. Instead, she’s drawn to the people who make the […]