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Church of Ballpoint: The Drawings of Beverly Baker

Beverly Baker pockets pens wherever she goes. An opportunist at heart, trips to grocery stores, libraries, banks and post offices are all chances to build upon her extensive collection. A mundane and readily available tool, the pen perfectly accommodates her constant and prolific art practice. From an early age, Baker displayed a determined desire to […]

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Joyful Voyeur: John Kayser’s Playfully Intimate Photography

After John Kayser’s death in 2007, stacks of home-developed black and white photographs and cheap drugstore prints surfaced among his personal effects. Kayser retained few negatives; Chase Martin, gallery manager at Christian Berst Art Brut, speculates that the artist may have deliberately destroyed some of them. It is evident that the photographs, all originals, had […]


The Collage Dropout

“A lot of collage artists are very meticulous. They’ll say, ‘Here’s a drawer of horses,’ or ‘Here’s a drawer of trees.’ I don’t have that.” This is collage artist Lou Beach. But he is definitively not one of those collage artists. We’re standing in the studio of his Los Angeles home, but in place of […]

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What Took You So Long? The Creative Journey of Kurt Fisk

Since the early 1970s, Kurt Fisk has been creating fantastical, character-driven illustrations. His characters, much like those on a beloved Saturday morning cartoon, inhabit a world which is entirely their own. Fisk excels at capturing complex emotions with humor and sensitivity. Employing his array of fine-tipped artist pens and eye for color, he depicts the […]

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Starting with LEGO: the Self-Taught Journey of the Brick Artist

A man in red stumbles, trudges forward. He’s pushing off of a wall entirely of green, from which five arms are reaching out for him, grasping him, trying to pull him back into the green abyss. This is “Grasp,” a 30” x 67” x 30” sculpture by Nathan Sawaya a.k.a. The Brick Artist. He got […]


May Red Shoes Blaze the Trail: Reflections on an Art Brut Retrospective

In 2011, the American Folk Art Museum in New York relocated when the Museum of Modern Art acquired its building on 53rd Street. Luckily, its new storefront is no less glamorous: located on a busy Manhattan intersection, the museum’s concrete facade is bathed in the bright lights of Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts at […]

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Hope for the Best

AVAM’s new exhibition spotlights the defiant tenacity in the human desire to connect Herman Wallace’s dream house is a two-story, wooden A-frame wonder. It has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a hobby room because he likes to build things, a wraparound porch, and a swimming pool in the backyard. He thinks the kitchen pantry should be […]


Lonnie Holley’s Object Lessons

A brilliantly resourceful artist’s timely exhibition at Charleston, South Carolina’s Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art is the latest development in a remarkable career Like most solo exhibitions by widely known contemporary artists, Lonnie Holley’s “Something to Take My Place” was scheduled more than two years before it opened. But its timing and location turned out […]

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The Lyrical Landscapes of Joseph Yoakum at Carl Hammer Gallery

Carl Hammer Gallery in the River North arts district of Chicago is exhibiting several unique works by Joseph Yoakum. These works solidly speak to the impetus that drove him to create his prolific body of work. The exhibition, Spiritual Unfoldments, showcases several drawings he created while living on the South Side of Chicago during the […]

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Evolving Identities: the Bonovitz Collection

Collectors can play many different roles in the art world – patron, tastemaker, advocate, investor. In the evolving world of outsider art, these roles hold an even greater significance. In a field largely at odds with how to discuss, describe, foster, and exhibit work, collectors play an enormous role in the future of how all […]

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Examining l’Art Brut: Outsider Art Fair, Paris 2015

“I’m not an artist.” We’ve certainly all heard these words, a plaintive excuse. But can we ever really draw the line between what is art and what is not? The question of whether formal training gives you a leg up in credibility is raised. The Outsider Art Fair argues the contrary. Founded in New York […]


Recognizing a Century of Folk Art in New York

The first exhibition of American folk art took place at the Whitney Studio Club in February 1924. Under the banner “Early American Art,” the exhibit aimed to elevate the perception of folk art, marking its first true foray into the American—and more specifically, New York— public’s eye. The diverse range of work on exhibit included […]