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Finding Warmth and Feeling at the Outsider Art Fair

The Outsider Art Fair has arrived, and some of the best that the field has to offer is currently on display in the Metropolitan Pavilion. This annual convention of exhibitors of outsider and folk art has existed for over two decades. In recent years, however, it has grown exponentially. Since its acquisition in 2012 by […]

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Joy Ride: The Art, Music, and Character of Wesley Willis

Almost anyone in Chicago from the late 1980s into the early 2000s knew of the artist and musician Wesley Willis. A larger-than-life figure who created urban landscape drawings and composed, performed, and sold his unconventional music, he developed a fan base that remains dedicated to his work even after his death from leukemia in 2003. […]

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A Philadelphia Side Street Studio

On a quiet street in West Philadelphia, nestled between a couple of boarded-up businesses, an unusual sight greets the rare inquisitive passer-by. Behind a non-descript storefront window, a cornucopia of colors and shapes surprises the eye. A pensive Malcolm X glowers in repose, and Mohammed Ali is landing a devastating right cross on a hapless […]


Youthful Joy and a Life of Categories: Gregory Blackstock

When Gregory Blackstock wants to express his happiness, he pretends to be an airplane. Holding one hand centered over his nose for the propeller, the other arm angled back as a wing, he begins to rotate his finger faster and faster, complete with appropriate sound effects for the exact plane he is becoming. When ready, […]

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The Municipal Vehicles of Ciso Gonzalez

Living in the tristate area, it is easy to become desensitized (and perhaps disgusted) by the presence of vehicles of mass transit. Hundreds of belching buses careen out of the Port Authority Bus Terminal every day. Thousands of people are carried on identical New Jersey Transit trains. Passengers of these vessels usually see them as […]

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Labyrinthine Illustration: Exploring Léonard Combier’s Dynamic Worlds

Ignoring society’s hunger for hidden meanings in works of art, Léonard Combier creates pieces that celebrate humor and spontaneity. His highly detailed pieces incorporate labyrinthine graphics, sexual imagery, and irreverent quotes to create an imaginative world saturated with playfully dark humor. These chaotic landscapes of tribal patterns, absurd characters, and high-contrast colors beckon the viewer […]

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On the Ground with Japanese Art Brut

Hisayoshi Watanabe’s figures at first appear to be simple rag dolls, but on closer inspection, they reveal themselves to be much more. Twisting, cutting and tying scraps of discarded fabric, Watanabe fabricated objects that are deliberate in their intent and distinctive in their form. Each of his works is unique, defined by materials at hand. […]


Beautiful Minds in Rockland County

“Beautiful Minds – Pure Vision”, an exhibition of art produced at the Pure Vision Arts Studio (PVA) is on display through January 24, 2016 at the Rockland Center for the Arts (RoCA). This exhibition brings together two arts organizations, PVA and RoCA. PVA was founded in 2002 by The Shield Institute, a non-profit organization, providing […]

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The Assemblage of a House of Dolls

Most people don’t associate found materials with doll creation, but that is partially what makes Art Moura’s creations so intriguing. These collections of fabric and found materials- colorful rags, cloths, and other detritus are woven, dreaded, tied, and stuffed into each other to create each finished work. But while the building blocks that make up […]

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Earning Your Ink: Self-Taught Artist and Tattoo Specialist Anji Marth

Anji Marth works in a scope of mediums that can be, at times, dizzying: tattoos, painting, drawing, sculpture, jewelry. She even dabbles in taxidermy and just published an adult coloring book. But with range comes a difficulty to explain herself in the way that many exhibiting artists are asked to do. When asked to explain […]

Abscond - Letters from Jonathan

Hardboiled: Gil Batle’s Debut in New York

The few blocks of West 20th Street between 8th Avenue and the Chelsea piers on the Hudson hosts one of the highest concentrations of art galleries in Manhattan. On a cool, misty November evening, most of these galleries on the ground level were brightly lit. In one, an attendant sat unmoving at her desk, sculpture-like […]

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Tireless: The Self-Portraits of Lee Godie

For Lee Godie, the sacred space behind the curtain of a photo booth was not a place for candid snapshots documenting random moments as they are for most people. As the exhibition Lee Godie: Self Portraits—on view now at the John Michael Kohler Arts Center—illustrates with over 50 self-portraits, Godie saw this space as sacred, […]