5. Sally Mulda in Acrylic dimensions 15 12 x 15 12 Watching and Playing Football cover

A Conversation with Libby Werbel Director, PMOMA

Since its inception approximately three years ago, the Portland Museum of Modern Art (PMOMA) has been a dynamic presence in Portland’s art scene. Founded by Portland, Oregon native Libby Werbel, PMOMA is nestled in a space fashioned from a storage area in the basement of Portland’s Mississippi Records. “My relationship to them [Mississippi Records] is […]


More than a Mortal Man: The Bowie that Inspired Art

“I’m closer to the Golden Dawn Immersed in Crowley’s uniform I’m not a prophet or a stone ageman Just a mortal with potential of a superman” – David Bowie, “Quicksand” The last image the world sees of David Bowie he’s clinging, black-button-eyed, to his sheets watching a sinister-looking version of himself creep back into a […]

Adventure Timecover, Hoang Tran

Wax On. Wax Off. The Carvings of Hoang Tran

“I liked art in elementary school. But as you progress in grades, art becomes less and less important.” That’s Hoang Tran. He’s a self-taught, professional artist known for the wax sculptures he carves on the tip of Crayola crayons. If you look through his Etsy store, called Wax Nostalgic, you’ll see sculptures he’s done of […]

Cripta-1 cover

Cripta Djan: The Brazilian Artist Legitimatizing Pixação in the Arts

The Brazilian artist Djan Ivson da Silva, better known as Cripta Djan, creates works that transcend what is often called vandalism to the realm of fine arts by providing a critical narrative on the cultural, socio-economic and artistic value of pixação. Pixação is an untranslatable Portuguese word that most closely translates to tagging but stands […]


Consumption is in the Veins: The Art of Lincoln Townley

Lincoln Townley knows that cities have the power to intoxicate and destroy. The British painter spent the better part of his thirties running strip clubs in London’s Soho neighborhood, and he’s got the cocaine and alcohol addictions to prove it. So after a conversation with an actor friend who’d just returned from Los Angeles with […]

IMG_8252_2 cover

Paper Wings through Open Doors

Laurene Krasny Brown has worn many hats and has discovered a great deal. That’s not to say the sprightly artist, who greets me all pigtails and smiles at the door to her charming West Village abode, has accumulated knowledge in a linear sort of way. Instead, Brown’s later-in-life venture into the world of fine art […]


Inside the Outside: Reconsidering Our Views about Art

During a recent exhibition at Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts in North Adams, MA, several artists, scholars, and educators gathered to discuss the role of biography and the value of art education in understanding and facilitating the creation of art. The exhibition, “Inside the Outside: Reconsidering Our Views about Art,” featured the works of a […]


Masonic and Odd Fellow Exhibition: Esoteric Secret Societies in America

The first exhibition to comprehensively profile the art created by Masonic and Odd Fellow fraternities during the late eighteenth and mid-twentieth centuries aims to deconstruct the arcane significance of the esoteric aspects of their practice. Titled “Mystery and Benevolence: Masonic and Odd Fellow Folk Art from the Kendra and Allan Daniel Collection,” on view at […]

SK 204 - 1 cover

Wooden Ships in Chelsea: Kevin Sampson’s Unique Art Form

At Cavin-Morris Gallery in Chelsea, two wooden ships can be found stationed on a large white pedestal. “The Madjet,” with its curving stern and sculptural ornaments raised high like royal standards, easily conjures associations with ancient Egypt, with the sleek vessels depicted ferrying deities up and down the Nile. Yet with its metal fastenings, its […]

01.04.2013 cover

Surreal Recovery through Art: A Conversation with Jon and Melissa Meadows

Jon Meadows never considered himself an artist. It wasn’t until 2013, when he returned to the US from serving in Iraq and Afghanistan that he decided to give a ceramics class a try. For some time, Jon had gone past the art workshops offered at the USO Warrior and Family Center at Fort Belvoir. One […]


The Activist Edutainment of Felix Hampton Brown

Felix Hampton Brown calls himself an activist and a renaissance man. He sings, acts, draws, sculpts, and even designs his own clothing line. Taking a cue from rapper KRS-ONE, Brown’s been known to call his work “edutainment,” a style of art making that intends to inspire social change through educational entertainment. His paintings and drawings […]

13084_Lot_5 cover

Liberation through Expression: Making History for Outsider Art at Christie’s

On a cold January morning, William Edmondson’s “Boxer” stood with arms cocked and stance readied in a glass vitrine inside Christie’s New York salesroom at Rockefeller Plaza. Though dwarfed by the outsized auctioneer’s podium looming behind it, the limestone figure still coolly commanded attention. “Boxer” was the anticipated headliner of Christie’s Liberation through Expression sale, […]