Tammys, Self-Taught Artist

Expressively Inspired: The Desire to Create for Two Self-Taught Artists

Vincent Van Gogh was inspired by the light of Arles, France. He, a self-taught artist himself, was also seduced by the effect of complementary colors and was drawn to using them in ways that had not been done before. His inspiration to create became an obsessive passion that haunted him and ultimately led to his […]

The Last McSupper edit Steve Moseley

Uncorking Controversy: The Patience Bottles of Steve Moseley

There is good reason the works by folk artist, Steve Moseley are referred to as patience bottles or whimsy bottles: they require incredible attention and evoke a powerful sense of oddity. Commenting on complex and controversial themes like religion, sex, and politics, the bottles are windows into Moseley’s satirical view of humanity and the absurdity […]

sesow_choice300dpi (1)

The Art of Shock and Awe

Matt Sesow’s painting “A Choice” (2016) is a total immersion into his creative world. It’s a large-scale painting dominated by hot hues—a bright red, an electric blue, a simmering yellow—depicting a young man in a bed with a woman standing over him. His right arm glows with a healthy pinkish shine; his left arm is […]

IMo 72 - 1 cover

Secular Mystic: M’onma Returns to New York

Cavin-Morris Gallery was founded by a couple, Shari Cavin and Randall Morris, around 1980. The project unites their differences. “We have places where we diverge,” Cavin tells me as we chat in a sunlit private room behind the Chelsea gallery. Morris admits that what sparks his interest is the archaeological and anthropological aspects of an […]

05_RMG-5193-Edit-web cover

Outsider No Longer: Counting the Days with George Widener

Boy Wonder George Widener’s art is as puzzling as it is visually compelling. On first impression his drawings resemble intricate, hand-rendered charts or plans for the design of aircrafts, oceangoing vessels, or vast urban districts. Closer inspection of this idiosyncratic body of work reveals multilayered complexities and deeper mysteries. His drawings, originally a private endeavor, […]

26_NadelmanTangoWhitney cover

NYHS Celebrates the Folk Art Collection of Elie and Viola Nadelman

The New-York Historical Society (NYHS) has organized an exhibition that celebrates the folk art collection of the late artist Elie Nadelman (1882-1946) and his wife, the heiress Viola Spiess Flannery (1878-1962). The show, titled The Folk Art Collection of Elie and Viola Nadelman (from May 20th to August 21st, 2016) comprises more than 200 objects […]

mia_5043912 cover

Verbalizing Art in a Deaf World: The Minneapolis Institute of Art Features Works by James Castle

The Minneapolis Institute of Art (Mia) has assembled an exhibition comprising forty-four works by the late self-taught artist James Castle (1899-1977), titled The Experience of Every Day (from May 21st – August 21st 2016). The exhibition includes twenty-five drawings (ten that are double-sided), thirteen three-dimensional constructions, five hand-made books, and one collage. The collection of […]

Howard Finster cover

The Tradition Continues at the Slotin Folk Art Auction

The Slotin Folk Art Auction, a semi-annual brick and click art auction hosted at the historic Buford Hall in the Atlanta suburbs, took place this past weekend, April 30-May 1. During the auction an estimated 70 lots moved per hour with a total of 1148 lots in the auction. The fair has been a linchpin […]

Cover Richard Saholt

A Beautiful Rage: The Disarming Collages of Richard Saholt

Observing just one Richard Saholt work has the potential to trigger a pool of primal and disturbing emotions. His collage work beckons fear, violence, chaos, and pain while it is a confessional space for him to navigate a darkness that enveloped him for most of his 89 years. But for 40 of those years, he […]

1-Painting cover

Defining a King of Lesser of Lands

The Andrew Edlin Gallery in New York has organized a solo exhibition comprising photographs, sculptures, paintings and poetry by the self-taught American artist Eugene Von Bruenchenhein (1910 – 1983), titled King of Lesser Lands (March 24th – May 8th 2016). Von Bruenchenhein’s ethereal body of both formalist and semi-abstract works were posthumously discovered but he—unlike […]

AHostick_006_StillLifeVaseWith14Flowers_15.5x23.5 cover

Every Essence and Every Line: Andrew Hostick’s Handiwork

Andrew Hostick makes art from representations of art, skillfully and meticulously drawing pictures of photographs of both famous and not so famous works, revising and reshaping each image into his own colored-pencil renditions that somehow transcend mere appropriation. He uses the images he gleans from magazines to get to places he couldn’t go without the […]

2016_03_10_hiroyuki Doi -1188

Drawing Circles: Hiroyuki Doi Wants You to Know That You Can Make Art

Hiroyuki Doi’s first drawing workshop in the United States is held in the Folk Art Museum’s Collections and Education Center, on a narrow industrial street in Long Island City, Queens. On my way, I realize why Suzanne de Vegh, the museum’s Director of Public Programs, insisted on giving me directions. The street is dominated by […]