A Visit to A Shared Legacy: Folk Art in America

On a visit to The American Folk Art Museum and the exhibit, A Shared Legacy: Folk Art in America, I had the unique opportunity to meet Stacy Hollander, the Deputy Director for Curatorial Affairs, Chief Curator and Director of Exhibitions. A self-proclaimed “lifer” at the museum, she has had a foot in its involvement and […]

Charles in studio working (image 1_ cover image)

Accidental Magic

Forty years ago, on a hill between the LA beach suburbs of Santa Monica and Venice, a 7-year-old boy had a bicycle accident that would render him comatose for three hours. Just six months ago Charles Benefiel–the boy on the bike, now an accomplished artist–fell into a coma again. “It was a complete accident. It […]

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Amie York and The Wolflike Creature

Energy leaps off the walls and abides in the faces of the artists that fill VSA arts of Colorado/Access Gallery (VSAC) in Denver, Colorado. The artists shift about chatting, drawing, and creating. “We work together on something and then everyone has some time to work on their own stuff,” says Cris Ciani, the program director […]

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A Humble Quest for Greatness

The first time I saw Markell Mitchell I walked right past him. My arrival at the Southside Art Center coincided with a birthday celebration for one of the artists, and amidst the music and revelry I failed to notice the stoic Markell sitting reverently across the room. It was not until John Cameron, the program […]

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Here to Paint

Maria Bustillos is a sweet little old lady with a penchant for cleanliness and an eye for turning order into art. “If I leave [the stool] over there, the following day it is going to be really dirty. So that’s why I come and hide it over here. I want to see everything nice and […]

Mr. Imaginations Horse by dimitre (Image 1 cover image) (1)

Welcome to the World of Mr. Imagination

Art collector and dealer Carl Hammer first met Gregory Warmack in 1983 when he entered an abandoned home on the South Side of Chicago that was hosting the artist’s work. At the head of the tour was a placard that read “Welcome to the World of Mr. Imagination,” the name Warmack adopted for himself. It […]


How One Tarot Card Reader Uses Spirits to Paint

The band stopped playing, the crowd simmered down, and everyone proceeded to form a circle around a short gothic-looking woman wearing a white bonnet. Her face, painted in black and white, resembled a skeleton. She took her place at the center of the circle and began to recite her original story, “Stoic Grin.” Though she […]


Hooker Green Paint and A Nervous Breakdown

I hop off of the bus and spend 15 minutes scanning the block for building number 3441—oddly, every number was accounted for, except 3441. I’m searching for a man that doesn’t have an email address, he refuses to use a Samsung Galaxy phone that he won at a street fair because his Sprint flip phone […]

AVAM Plaza

American Visionary Art Museum Profile with Rebecca Hoffberger

Rebecca Hoffberger, the founding director of the American Visionary Art Museum, confesses that she isn’t all that interested in art. At least, she’s not interested in art as it is conventionally discussed as a commodity, an artifact to covet by collectors who follow the art market. Instead, she’s drawn to the people who make the […]


Collective Soul: Chicago Tribute to Outsider Art

An art school background or an expensive studio are not prerequisites to being a great artist. That’s the attitude of Intuit: The Center for Intuitive and Outsider Art, who used the fall 2014 season to exhibit the best work from Chicago artists with ordinary backgrounds and extraordinary inspiration in their “Collective Soul” exhibit. Founded in […]


Judith Scott Defies Categorization

From the moment I walked into the Elizabeth A. Sackler Center for Feminist Art at the Brooklyn Museum to see the work of Judith Scott, I felt I had entered a sacred space. A reverence hung in the air, as though I had entered an ancient tomb delicately arrayed with sarcophaguses. Or perhaps I had […]


2015 Outsider Art Fair NYC

If there was one constant at the Outsider Art Fair this past weekend, it would be individuality: behind each work was a personal tale to tell, and it was inextricable from the art. There were wire sculptures dangling from the ceiling and tiny people painted on matchsticks you needed a magnifying glass to see. There […]