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Drawings and Text In and Out of Context

The Swiss psychotherapist Carl Jung once wrote that “loneliness does not come from having no people around you, but from being unable to communicate the things that seem important to you.” The artist Daniel Green is a man of very few words, but he has found his voice through his artwork. His drawings represent a […]

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Beauty in the Mundane

At first glance, what’s important to Holly Farrell are things. Objects. Specifically, inanimate ones. The Toronto-based artist likes chairs, books, couches, and doctor’s bags. Toys are important to her as well. She rarely fills the frame, instead focusing on one subject that stands alone in front of a seamless colored background or a patterned wallpaper. […]


A Brief History of Parked Cars with Visual Thinker Chase Ferguson

Imagine a world where a specific object such as a street sign or a particular model of car lit up in your brain and essentially sparkled as you passed it. A journey to a coffee shop is marked by one monumental fire hydrant after another, or by elm tree to elm tree. To contemplate this […]

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Aliens and Art: A Fascination Beyond Coincidence

Starting Art. “About the first artistic influence or ability was in a prekindergarten. There was a chest or big box of blocks. I would dump all the blocks on the floor and start building forts and buildings. A couple of other kids would knock them apart. I would just start over building.” — Ken Grime’s […]


The Art of the Bittersweet: Camille Holvoet

It’s a sunny afternoon, and Camille Holvoet and I are sitting on the steps of Creativity Explored, an art studio and gallery in San Francisco’s Mission neighborhood that promotes work by artists with developmental disabilities. We are talking about her memories of her childhood when she suddenly changes topics. “What’s a cure?” she asks. “It […]


Art in the Performance: When the Curtain Never Comes Down

The term “outsider art” can call to mind an isolated creator, apart from society and following an impulse that is personal, a reward unto itself. But that idea ignores a central tenet of art, which is to communicate. In When the Curtain Never Comes Down, the latest exhibition at the American Folk Art Museum, curator […]


Life’s a Bunch of Carrots: The Life and Habits of Evelyn Reyes

If you wish to visit Evelyn Reyes at Creativity Explored, an art studio and exhibition space in San Francisco for adults with developmental disabilities, the specific day you attend will determine where the artist will be in her creative routine. If you enter the studio on a Monday, you will almost certainly find her sitting […]


Finding Art While Behind Bars

It’s safe to say that Marvin Francis thinks about toilet paper quite a bit differently than the rest of us. Over the phone, I ask which brand he prefers. “I went through Charmin,” he says in his polite Kentucky brogue. “I’ve done Scott. Believe it or not, the best toilet paper I ever found came […]

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The Most Known Unknown: Basquiat the Unknown Notebooks

The reverberated twang of discordant keys and a slow, walking bass line sound, as an image of a black hand holding a spray can moves effortlessly across a wall, drawing lines that form letters, creating words: “PLUSH·SAFE” HE THINK. The looping projection—old footage of Brooklyn-born artist Jean-Michel Basquiat (1960–1988) spray painting to the soundtrack of […]


The Interdisciplinary Art of Paul Laffoley

Over the course of an hour spent with Paul Laffoley, the conversation may turn to Einstein, space voyages, chakras, living architecture, Pythagoras, levitation, Leonardo Da Vinci, and time travel. And his paintings show it. “Paul is the only person I know who can extrapolate out of math, science, engineering, chemistry, philosophy, and literature and synthesize […]

Piero Manrique

Affordable Art Fair | March 25-29, 2015 | NYC

Walk into the Affordable Art Fair for an afternoon of browsing and buying, and find yourself transfixed by the many paintings and drawings, photographs and sculptures that line the walls of The Metropolitan Pavilion in New York City. It’s not long before you realize you’ve traveled the world in a single afternoon. First stop? A […]

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Wonder and Impact: Art in the DC Beltline

After seeing a segment on the news about how the hunched posture associated with cellphone use can cause lasting damage to the spine, Toni Lane started painting. “Everyone’s on cellphones,” Toni says. “You go to restaurants and you see people at the table and nobody’s paying attention to anybody, so I want to do something […]