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Van Der Plas gallery Exterior

What’s in a Name: In and Out

The Spectra of Outsider Art Simply by definition, the ancestral roots of Outsider Art can be traced back 17,000 years to the caves in Lascaux, France during the upper Paleolithic era. On those “gallery” walls inside the caves were many works of art made by anonymous artists who were “untrained and untouched by culture.” From […]

Frieze_Allyson Vieira cover

Fairing Well: Frieze New York Draws the Crowds

Ask any Gothamite what comes to mind when they hear Randall’s Island, and you’ll probably get the same response: Governors Ball. But the wildly popular music festival wasn’t what people were talking about last month, when Frieze Art Fair arrived in New York City. For four straight days (May 14-17), Randall’s Island became less about […]


Art in the Performance: When the Curtain Never Comes Down

The term “outsider art” can call to mind an isolated creator, apart from society and following an impulse that is personal, a reward unto itself. But that idea ignores a central tenet of art, which is to communicate. In When the Curtain Never Comes Down, the latest exhibition at the American Folk Art Museum, curator […]

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The Most Known Unknown: Basquiat the Unknown Notebooks

The reverberated twang of discordant keys and a slow, walking bass line sound, as an image of a black hand holding a spray can moves effortlessly across a wall, drawing lines that form letters, creating words: “PLUSH·SAFE” HE THINK. The looping projection—old footage of Brooklyn-born artist Jean-Michel Basquiat (1960–1988) spray painting to the soundtrack of […]

Piero Manrique

Affordable Art Fair | March 25-29, 2015 | NYC

Walk into the Affordable Art Fair for an afternoon of browsing and buying, and find yourself transfixed by the many paintings and drawings, photographs and sculptures that line the walls of The Metropolitan Pavilion in New York City. It’s not long before you realize you’ve traveled the world in a single afternoon. First stop? A […]

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Mingering Mike: A Little-Known Soul Superstar

Just after dawn at a flea market in 2003, Dori Hadar, a Washington-based criminal investigator and soul record aficionado, was digging through crates in search for rare finds to add to his 10,000 piece record collection when he came across an assortment of over 100 records by a soul superstar he had never heard of: […]


Collective Soul: Chicago Tribute to Outsider Art

An art school background or an expensive studio are not prerequisites to being a great artist. That’s the attitude of Intuit: The Center for Intuitive and Outsider Art, who used the fall 2014 season to exhibit the best work from Chicago artists with ordinary backgrounds and extraordinary inspiration in their “Collective Soul” exhibit. Founded in […]


Judith Scott Defies Categorization

From the moment I walked into the Elizabeth A. Sackler Center for Feminist Art at the Brooklyn Museum to see the work of Judith Scott, I felt I had entered a sacred space. A reverence hung in the air, as though I had entered an ancient tomb delicately arrayed with sarcophaguses. Or perhaps I had […]


2015 Outsider Art Fair NYC

If there was one constant at the Outsider Art Fair this past weekend, it would be individuality: behind each work was a personal tale to tell, and it was inextricable from the art. There were wire sculptures dangling from the ceiling and tiny people painted on matchsticks you needed a magnifying glass to see. There […]


Coverage of The 2014 New York City Outsider Art Fair

The interior of Chelsea’s Center 548 was abuzz with activity for the second day of the annual Outsider Art Fair, an event that is increasingly on the inside of must-see status in the NYC spring fair season. As guests wove through 3 floors of booths, passing through a maze of white walls lined with everything […]