Tony Gengarelly

Jessica Park, The Brooklyn Bridge #3, with Lights and Twin Light Pillars, 2003 cover edit

To the Edge and Back: Jessica Park and Outsider Art

The designation “outsider art” is often perceived as offensive to the artist and degrading to the art. Darold A. Treffert in his book Islands of Genius documents a number of autistic savants whose art and music skills are indeed extraordinary. Along with a prodigious memory and ability to mimic almost instantaneously what is seen or […]


Inside the Outside: Reconsidering Our Views about Art

During a recent exhibition at Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts in North Adams, MA, several artists, scholars, and educators gathered to discuss the role of biography and the value of art education in understanding and facilitating the creation of art. The exhibition, “Inside the Outside: Reconsidering Our Views about Art,” featured the works of a […]