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A Day in the Country: Collage’s with Bruce New

I first met Bruce New in 2015 at “A Day in the Country,” an annual Morehead, KY art fair where Kentucky folk artists can show and sell. In addition to the 2D collages he is most known for, New had globes and even a guitar decorated with his familiar artistic style. We admired each other’s […]


Art and Basketball: The Wood Carvings of Lavon Williams

LaVon WIlliams was not the first in his family to become a woodcarver. His half-brother, David Wright, first exposed Williams to the craft by carving some of the toys that Williams would play with as a child, including one a Williams’ favorite toys— a replica of the Apollo. Wright was in turn inspired by their […]

Mark Mulligan Marathon edit

The Search for Mark Anthony Mulligan

Now that I look back, the one and only time I ever saw Mark Anthony Mulligan was in the 1980s on the corner of Eastern Parkway and Bardstown Road in Louisville, Kentucky. I was commuting home from the University of Louisville, waiting for my transfer bus. Mulligan had just stepped off another bus going in […]