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Courageous Spirits

Courageous Spirits: From Southern Vernacular to Contemporary Self-Taught at Christie’s

The yellow sky of Jimmy Lee Sudduth’s The White House emitted a particularly charged glow from the screen of a Christie’s gallery this past Friday, where the painting sold for $12,500 the same morning that a new administration assumed office. Sudduth’s mud-and-paint tableau — which depicts the American landmark framed by minimal landscaping, a fauvist […]

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Wooden Ships in Chelsea: Kevin Sampson’s Unique Art Form

At Cavin-Morris Gallery in Chelsea, two wooden ships can be found stationed on a large white pedestal. “The Madjet,” with its curving stern and sculptural ornaments raised high like royal standards, easily conjures associations with ancient Egypt, with the sleek vessels depicted ferrying deities up and down the Nile. Yet with its metal fastenings, its […]

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Liberation through Expression: Making History for Outsider Art at Christie’s

On a cold January morning, William Edmondson’s “Boxer” stood with arms cocked and stance readied in a glass vitrine inside Christie’s New York salesroom at Rockefeller Plaza. Though dwarfed by the outsized auctioneer’s podium looming behind it, the limestone figure still coolly commanded attention. “Boxer” was the anticipated headliner of Christie’s Liberation through Expression sale, […]

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The World on the Tip of a Pencil

Inside Dalton Ghetti’s apartment, there is a nine-year-old monstera deliciosa plant. Nearly all of its waxy, fanlike leaves are reaching out toward the closest window, voraciously seeking sunlight, while four cone-like fruits bolt straight up into the air. As I studied the arrangement of wooden beams, ten-gallon buckets, and twine used to support the enormous […]