Kaitlyn Wittig Menguc and Bruce Burris

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What Took You So Long? The Creative Journey of Kurt Fisk

Since the early 1970s, Kurt Fisk has been creating fantastical, character-driven illustrations. His characters, much like those on a beloved Saturday morning cartoon, inhabit a world which is entirely their own. Fisk excels at capturing complex emotions with humor and sensitivity. Employing his array of fine-tipped artist pens and eye for color, he depicts the […]

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Good Intentions: The Artwork of Patrick Hackleman

“I live in a group home,” Patrick Hackleman announces upon greeting me at his door. “Since you’re a stranger I just wanted to let you know that the house isn’t mine.” Stepping into Hackleman’s middle-class home, I am taken by its normalcy. The aromas of dinner being prepared and the din of a televised basketball […]