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FredEversley Work Over School

Work Over School: Developing Craft Outside the Establishment

To curator jill moniz, there is a tendency in the art world to overhype formal education. “In the art world now, there’s so much emphasis on school. But I had been working for a long time with artists who didn’t go to school and yet somehow managed to be true to their own narrative, and […]

Michele Felice Corne, Death of William, ca. 1807, Securing the Shadow

Securing the Shadow: The Folk Art Museum Chronicles Death in Early America

The Shadow of Death in America: Securing the Shadow Over the past several years, a surprising niche interest in the arts has turned mainstream in America: death and the end of life. A topic once shielded by the taboo of privacy, this most intimate of experiences has become the subject of thriving discussion. The New […]


Person and Place: Forging Connections with the Alabama Contemporaries of Ronald Lockett

Throughout the year, the work of Bessemer, Alabama born artist Ronald Lockett has been touring the country. The exhibition, Fever Within, is the first major retrospective of Lockett’s work. Lockett used the discarded tin scraps and steel that littered his post-industrial environment and transformed them into monumental works of beauty. His works express both his […]

13084_Lot_5 cover Outsider Art 2016

Brut Force’s 6 for 16: Top Stories of Self-Taught and Outsider Art 2016

For many people, 2016 was a year of tumultuous and often disappointing surprises. Self-taught and outsider art often found itself as a contrarian to this trend. 2016 brought some major spotlights, notable developments, and significant losses. Below are our picks for top 6 self-taught and outsider art stories of 2016. 1) A Record Setting Christie’s […]

Jessie Dunahoo 3_detail - Copy edit

Mapping the Senses: The Tapestry of Jessie Dunahoo

In the back corner of Latitude Arts, a shared creative space deep in a Lexington, Kentucky industrial complex, Jessie Dunahoo is hard at work. Dunahoo is eighty-four. He sports a sturdy flannel, Liberty denim overalls, and a sewing needle balanced between his lips. For the past few years, three days a week and six hours […]


Reviving Pasaquan: Freshly Restored, an Otherworldly Retreat in the Southern Backwoods

Saint EOM was a self-proclaimed psychic who told fortunes for a living. But when it came to the future of Pasaquan, his flamboyantly sculpted, rainbow-hued compound in rural Georgia, his predictions depended on his mood. On some occasions he confidently declared the place would one day become a spiritual center, attracting followers of the new […]