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Reviving Pasaquan: Freshly Restored, an Otherworldly Retreat in the Southern Backwoods

Saint EOM was a self-proclaimed psychic who told fortunes for a living. But when it came to the future of Pasaquan, his flamboyantly sculpted, rainbow-hued compound in rural Georgia, his predictions depended on his mood. On some occasions he confidently declared the place would one day become a spiritual center, attracting followers of the new […]

Hiroyuki doi _untitled_2007-edit

The Inscape in Escape Routes: Five Works by Hiroyuki Doi

Hiroyuki Doi’s work is an exercise in meditation as much as it is a topography exorcising grief. Each work is an exaltation of depth: meditative and obsessive while occupying a manic space that swells toward a calm. The five Doi works in the group exhibition, “Escape Routes,” currently on view at the John Michael Kohler […]


An Exploration of Outsider Art at Prison Folk with Intuit Center

Time. This word was by far the most intently discussed, illuminated, and expanded upon throughout Prison Folk a panel discussion accompanying “Post Black Folk Art in America: 1930-1980-2016,” the current exhibition (through January 8, 2017) at Chicago’s Intuit: The Center for Intuitive and Outsider Art, curated by artist and former director of the South Side […]


Art and Basketball: The Wood Carvings of Lavon Williams

LaVon WIlliams was not the first in his family to become a woodcarver. His half-brother, David Wright, first exposed Williams to the craft by carving some of the toys that Williams would play with as a child, including one a Williams’ favorite toys— a replica of the Apollo. Wright was in turn inspired by their […]

Slotin Folk Art Auction

Art, History, and Artifact at The Slotin Folk Art Auction

November 12-13 marks the second installment of the bi-annual Slotin Folk Art Auction hosted in Buford, GA. For 23 years The Slotin festivals and auctions have been keystone avenues for bringing awareness of outsider art to the public. The annual Slotin Folk Fest that’s been held since the fair’s inception was discontinued this year due […]


A Human Experience: Outsider Art Fair Paris 2016

Why do we create? The answers are as varied as humans themselves. An active police officer journaling his cases. A recluse documenting his hallucinogenic visions. A blind man building magnificent sculptures in his backyard to scare away the birds from his plants. At the Outsider Art Fair in Paris, the common unifier is, undeniably, an […]